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About Open Beta (OBT)

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About Open Beta (OBT)

Postby Odin » December 15th, 2014, 6:13 pm

As Joe announced, today we will start OBT.
The first 1-2-3 days will be a heavy developing mode OBT, that means a lot of restarts. This is because we wait more players to join so we can comment features and take some decisions about drops, quests and other stuff, that will follow us to LIVE.
Thursday and Friday (till live hour) it will be easier with fewer restarts since i expect the main lines of the server to be ready till than.

So what do we expect from this OBT?

First of all we wanna show you the files so you can tell us more about them. We have them for some time but are not yet fully familiarized with the pack.

Second big goal is balancing. Both farming balance and classes balance. You have a Beta Assistant NPC that give you free stuff, lvl, nobless, hero status, d-lvl and if we need to add more we will. Use it and do not stop us from working so you ask us to lvl u up or other stuff that u can get from that NPC.

A thirth goal is all that have to do with epics and instances checked. We plan to do this in the last 2 days when hopefully we will have more ppl on for testings. We want to make a long term fun server, not a grinding paradise but not a HR. We need to find the balance in epic jwls, else you will get bored to fast and leave. On the other hand, i expect that after 2-3-4 month of server, any player that was active on PoW since the first week to be able to have at least one set of RB jwls (maybe not Valakas/Antharas but for that he can trade).

As i write this post, Joe is putting up the DDoS protection (we wanted to start without protection in beta but we changed our mind in the last moment) and as soon as that is done we will do the last checkes and cleanup and start. I know we are in a bit of delay but thats the price we have to pay for a job well done ;)

You must understand very well:
This means we are not the creators of it so, if you see any other server names from the old developers let us now so we fix it.
If you see anything that looks like a bug ask us, maybe is some extra feature and than we decide if it stays or goes. (ex. in Sel Mahum you can drop some op herbs that last for 10 minutes)

That was all.... cya ingame!
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